Lloyd Gregory

A master of both acoustic and electric guitar as well as a musical director who has played and recorded with artists as diverse as Martha Reeves and Gerald Albright, San Francisco-based Lloyd Gregory’s smooth, soulful, melodic, and flowing sound evokes unique hints of his extensive R&B roots. His fifth album’s tracks include standouts “Brazilian Sea”; and “Moment in Time”. Music magazine Minor 7th: Acoustic Music Review says, “Lloyd expertly fuses soul, pop and jazz, forging a hybrid that is both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.” Gregory himself says of the new record, “As we grow in time, age, experience, knowledge and wisdom, there comes a time when it’s time to put it all to music and share it with the world. For this album, it was time to make music for my friends.”
“Lloyd is what I like to call a household musician,” Roxboro founder Stanley Clarke says. “He is just a sweet warm guy, which comes out in his music. His music reminds me of a modern-day Wes Montgomery.”

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